Translating English Text into German

Translations must be as precise as possible – but not word by word, especially, in technical, legal or other fields, where accuracy is of crucial importance. To achieve accuracy, the translator must really understand what the author meant to say in the original text.

Although I have not studied the art of translation, I have gained a certain experience translating into German. On a regular basis, I was confronted with poor translations made by professional translators, that were not comprehensible, didn’t really match the intention of the author and didn’t sound quite right in German.

This is my area of expertise as a proof-reader: I will translate your English text or proof-read your existing translation to ensure that the original intention is captured in a clear and comprehensible German translation. Furthermore, due to my experience proof-reading doctoral theses I have an ability to formulate complex trains of thought. translates nonfictional English texts of limited length into German and proof-reads unsatisfactory translations or drafts of any length. Translations from German into English are not made.

Please feel free to contact me with any question.